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I hate to go but I have to.

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I have finished the stepping stone for our web service but not without leaving behind a lot of “nice to have” features along the way 😦 I’d really like the best for HardWire but I have to concentrate on functionality right now.

Some of the nice to have features I’ve left behind:

Taken from LibraryMan @ Flickr

The Drafts Family

See them above? That’s everyone of them drafts family.

I’d like to be able to have a draft feature for my Project and Module sections but it’s just really impossible to do right now given the time. I am able to save project drafts only but am hardpressed to make a GWT module that can edit a project draft. I haven’t also started doing the Module Draft.

But I hope to meet up with these guys soon!

I’d have to revisit Mr.Social Network and Ms. UserProfile first because I had to take them down last sembreak for usability purposes.

Mr. Social Network in the PLE and Ms.User Profile

Well the good news is I am already done with the View Project Feature. Once a user creates a project, he/she can view it in his/her projects list already. This paves the way for integrating with Projectrix.

See you Projectrix!


Written by Jose Asuncion

December 29, 2009 at 1:55 am

Posted in Hardwire

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