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We had our last thesis demo update (before the year 2009 ends) on Dec 14. From that demo, we had presented our fourth and fifth game!
Fourth Game: Friends Maker
Synonyms and Antonyms
Game Description: Match/Select two out of the four words displayed on each child that are of opposite or of the same meaning. Matching of words would depend on the category displayed – synonym or antonym.
Fifth Game: Open the Windows
Topic: Vocabulary
Game Description: Fill in the correct vowel from the incomplete words located in the windows of the house. The player must refer to the definition below before he selects the incomplete word to fill in.
Finally, we have made our five games!  But all in all, the games are still unpolished as they lack some important features. Hence, we still have list of major revisions and additions to make over the Christmas vacation.
1. Make the resolution size (game screen) bigger (from 640×480 to 800×600)
Status: Ok
Effect: The webcam image is a bit pixelated, but still clear enough to be able to play the game.
2. Resize all the game images since the game screen will be enlarged.
Status: Not yet done
3. Game 4 (Synonyms and Antonyms)  – change the rules of the game into much simpler instruction
Status: Ok
We added a word below the given category (synonym/antonym) so it would be easier for the player to locate two synonyms/antonyms of the given word.
4. Game 5 (Vocabulary)  – change the flow of the game
Status: Still working on it
We plan to have all the 16 windows (4×4) displayed at once in the game screen (last time, we display it by rows) The four words for each round will just appear randomly in those windows.
5. Game animation
Status: Animation for Games 1 and 2 are done.
6. Combine all the games into one program.
Status: Still working on it.
7. Username and Registration of Players
Status: Not yet working on it.
8. Passing of Assessment in .xml
Status: Not yet working on it.
9. Sounds
Status: Not yet working on it.

We do hope to finish our games as soon as possible so we could proceed on testing  and writing of thesis paper. o_O


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