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Last sem Hardwire featured a basic social networking feature. One can add another learner in the system as a friend and remove him/her. But there was no way for you to judge whether you really wanted this learner to become your friend. The social networking feature was simply a picutre and name of learner in the system and then from there you could only add/remove. Right now we’re going one step further.

Each Learner now has a profile page that can be viewed. I based it on Diigo’s profile page where it displayed one’s bookmarks and tags. In Hardwire, the profile page contains your modules, projects and tags you used.

Also, I’ve put back getting the picture and twitter profile. Before you could only get your profile when you login for the first time (in addition to many other authorizations like Google Docs). I thought that this was suspense to most people who wanted to see the system immediately and that imo it was bad for usability. Also it was a bane for my friends who wanted to see my thesis but had no twitter account (most people I know have plurk or facebook accounts)! Now, learners can setup their profile in the profile page without going through that hassle.

Next up is to put the “add as friend”/”unfriend” button in the profile page. As well as find a way for people to discover others profiles. I was thinking of making this possible when a user looks for modules, each module displayed will have a link back to its creator and from there he/she can be added.


Written by Jose Asuncion

January 3, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Posted in Hardwire

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