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What happened to my account O_O

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Note: long, corny story.

Last January 2, I tested the create rubric feature of Projectrix using my danmariedelgado@gmail account and got errors on my first try while the succeeding tries are okay. I logged this down and promised to get back on them.

Yesterday, I kept my word and got back on this error. Before doing anything to the code, I tried to create rubrics again. To my surprise, all the rubrics I create are corrupted! What’s happening now? Panic! I tried a few more times and got the same error! What could’ve happened overnight?? Noooo!

Just when my rubric world is about to fall, I thought of changing accounts, just for the heck of it. And to my surprise, the feature is completely working now! I tried making a few more.. alas, no errors! I tried again with another account and I got the same happy results! What is happening? Haha. I promised not to use my account in testing Projectrix again.

After an hour of being happy, I decided to clean the DB and my googledocs. It’s too messy now, after all the successful and failed attempts since the start of the school year, you can imagine how many spreadsheets are there.

Just after cleaning the DB and my googledocs, I tried to login again with my account. I’m half-expecting something good to happen and half-expecting the worst. And I am relieved because it finally worked with my account! Party! The end.

Lesson: Clean DB and Googledocs once in a while. Google likes it clean.

Good night all.


Written by Daniela

January 3, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Posted in ProjectriX

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