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Uncaptured Requirement

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After setting up security filters for Assessments, we realized that we should’ve prioritized filters in Projects because that is the Projectrix feature where Hardwire must be directed instead of Assessments. Imagine, after the user creates a project in Hardwire, then clicks “Have this project assessed.”, it should be directed to Projectrix’ Projects page so the user/owner can first choose his/her assessors. Something like the second picture.

“Have this project assessed” action would/should trigger Projectrix to add a project with Hardwire’s project’s name, description, url and tags passed already. The owner would just then add his/her chosen assessors because the other fields have already been provided.


  • Security Filter for Projectrix’ Projects
  • Web service (Hardwire to Projectrix)
  • Refactor Projectrix’ Projects page so that there’ll be separate pages for all saved projects and for all add a project actions.

Written by Daniela

January 6, 2010 at 6:15 pm

Posted in ProjectriX

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  1. […] like Dan said, what we have done won’t be used for the feature that connects our two systems, at least now […]

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