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Goodbye Cubes. ;)

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Finally, I was able to integrate an OBJ model onto the NyARToolkit. What I did was, I used the instructions given by Dalton Filho on Model Interaction with Java 3d to be able to load the model. Then I added the Transform3d snippet from the AR codes:

Transform3D camera_3d = ar_param.getCameraTransform();

Then it worked. 🙂

Some of the OBJ models do not have colors or textures on them initially. The coloring and texturing of the models will be done using Java3D because Java3d has better output compared to the .mtl(Material file).

*Screenshots of the game and models are to be followed shortly.

The only thing that’s left for me to do on the Augmented Reality side is the changing or hiding of models (There are 2 theories that I’m going to use for hiding – Using the Switch class or using the method setAppearance(null)) and optimizing the output frames on the game.

Mouth OBJ Model with Color and Texture


Written by rururu

January 7, 2010 at 4:28 am

Posted in Augmented Reality

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