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Security 0.1

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Using Servlet Filters, I was able to implement our own in house security solution for Projectrix. I’ll also apply the same implementation to Hardwire. Although I have to admit it’s a primitive form of security, it’ll work for now. Security for web apps is more than just protecting pages for authenticated users. I’ve realized there are also things like https,roles etc which I have saw skimming over Spring security.

Although like Dan said, what we have done won’t be used for the feature that connects our two systems, at least now we know how to implement a filter. I’ll think I’ll take this experience as practice. Good practice. Besides we’ll be using the same concept of the filter like the one we just implemented to authenticate assessors who go to Projectrix via their emails when they’re given projects to assess by users.


Written by Jose Asuncion

January 7, 2010 at 4:48 am

Posted in Hardwire, ProjectriX

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  1. […] part of the feature makes use of the filters I did early this week. Finally the user can have his/her project assessed keying in the other fields such as tags, name, […]

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