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We are happy to announce that we’ve finally connected Hardwire and Projectrix.

Well first of all I have to say that I got lucky. There were some problems that I didn’t see before but luckily I had a solution in mind already. For the longest time now, I’ve been wanting to use together Spring MVC and GWT — Spring MVC to query the database and GWT mainly for its AJAX capabilities. I only have vague ideas on how this is done traditionally. I can imagine doing this in HTML/PHP with JQuery. So maybe If I knew javascript and how to do ajax manually then this wouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t and I had to leverage what I knew about Spring and GWT.

I have to say it drives me nuts sometimes. I think about it when I drive, I think about it during lunch, I sometimes get distracted at mass because of it and I don’t listen in KAS1 to the point of forgetting I am in the middle of a seatwork and I only have two minutes left. I have been musing over this because as it stands some of Projectrix/Hardwire’s pages are purely GWT and make expensive RPC calls alongside hitting the database. I knew this was something I had to change soon but didn’t know how. I asked about this last year at SO but no one has replied yet. This idea of using GWT and Spring together was so raw I was not confident about using it yet without doing a separate experiment. I didn not expect to be using the idea so early. So going into this, I ran the risk of the not even finishing this feature.

But I just had to try. Two days left. No refactoring. No design patterns and no unit testing. I was in amateur developer mode.

To cut the long story short, I’ll share in another blogpost my solution to this problem but all I want to tell right now is it’s done.

Some screenshots,

Learner navigates to his/her projects list page and clicks on view project.

The user's projects are displayed.

User clicks on "have this project assessed". In developer jargon, this means making an API call to Projectrix sending in the project details such as the url and getting a reply from Projectrix saying where the project will be assessed.

The user clicks the link and is taken to Projectrix where he/she has to authenticate himself first to the system before having the project assessed

This part of the feature makes use of the filters I did early this week.

Finally the user can have his/her project assessed keying in the other fields such as tags, name, description except for the url which comes from Hardwire and then most importanly the assessors.

This feature makes use of the Spring forms I made last Friday.


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January 9, 2010 at 2:47 pm

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