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Since we won’t be submitting our papers for PCSC now, we’d have to really work on the getting the features (core++ functionalities, validation and addons) and overall look (improve gui and user friendliness! Got inspired by Sir Rom’s link on Tumblr vs Posterous) of the projects polished and pretty.

Paper-wise, I am currently reading a couple of iJet papers on e-Portfolios and Assessment to get insights on the status of these today. After a consultation with Maam Weng earlier this week, I realized that Projectrix’ purpose is mainly on its effectiveness as a modern assessment tool and not so much as an alternative learning resource (that’s Hardwire’s motive).

So I have the following written in my reminder notebook:

  • Fix feature issues
  • Improve overall look
  • Draft a brand new test plan
  • Find people to test the system
  • Finish reading research materials
  • Improve paper

I really hope Google stabilizes so we can proceed with the testing (its datastore’s in Anomaly mode again!)

and Jeune recovers soon too.


Written by Daniela

January 23, 2010 at 9:26 am

Posted in ProjectriX

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