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Nav UP Test Methodology

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To determine the effectiveness of the application in helping the user find their way around the university.

Effectiveness encompasses the program’s ability to guide the user, the user’s response time to it, and its advantages or disadvantages to conventional

alternatives for finding one’s way around the campus.(ie. maps, querying the security guards, etc)


Speed for using the program (in locating a site)

Speed for using the alternatives (in locating a site)

Quantity of points of interests identified

Quantity of points of interests added



-freshmen who, new to the campus do not know their way around. Since we cannot get ahold of really “fresh” first years we plan to use first years on

their second semester and use obscure or not well known buildings or sites (for a first year) as the points of interests to be tested. We intend to test

about 8-10 people from this category.

Older Students

-older students who, though may know about the surroundings quite well, may still not be aware of where particular sites are located. we intend to

use sites which do not come into the common know-how of regular students. We intend to test about 4-6 people from this category.

UPCAT takers (Not available)

-UPCAT takers may find the program useful, however as there are no UPCAT takers currently prowling around the university, we cannot procure test

subjects in this division.


There shall be three types of test. One which measures the time students take in trying to locate a site using the application and the alternatives. The

second of how many sites a student can identify. And the other consists of how the students use the add point of interest function in the field.

In the first test, there shall be typically two students A and B who shall be asked to locate a site, say site 01 using the program and an alternative

respectively. Their times shall be recorded as they finish by locating the site and getting there. They shall be given ample time allowance to not see which

direction each starts off.

Afterwards, students A and B shall swap methods of location (program and alternative), and be asked to locate another site, site 02. They shall also be timed

as they finish locating the site.

In the second test, students A and B shall be escorted along a stretch of road and be asked to identify the sites pointed out to them. They will have

different methods of identifying the sites. The number of sites pointed out correctly shall be noted.

In the third test, the students shall be escorted along a stretch of road and be asked to add points of interests they consider to be significant to be

noted. The number of sites added shall be noted.


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