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Test Plan part 1

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We will be testing MyMathVentures again, this time in Roosevelt College- Cainta. We will be testing the game for its interactivity and its effects on the motivation of students. The criteria that we will be using for both cases are described below:


  • Engagement refers to how much the students enjoyed
    the games and how long before they got tired of the
  • Feedback refers to whether the students like the
    feedback provided by the games or not.
  • Acceptability refers to the level of acceptance of the Wii
    Remote as a controller with multiple interactions.
  • Motivation refers to  the students’ desire to study
    mathematics more after playing the game.  This criterion has its own sub criteria based on the ARCS* (Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction) model.


  • Attention. Did the games arouse and sustain the
    curiosity and interest of the students in mathematics?
  • Relevance. Were  the  games  linked  to  the  students’
    math needs and interests?
  • Confidence. Did the games help the students develop
    a positive expectation for successful achievement?
  • Satisfaction.  Were the students happy about the

*The ARCS model is a problem solving approach to designing the motivational aspects of learning environments to stimulate and sustain students’ motivation to learn. More about ARCS


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