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Initial Test: Evaluation Results

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Below is the average rating from the 6 initial testers of KineSpell 2.

Usability Average
1. I like the interface of the system 4.5
2. I like the colors used in the game 4.8
3. I like the backgrounds available 4.7
4. I like the bubbles containing letters 4.2
5. I like the cursor as dragonfly 4.2
6. I like the shape, size and position of the buttons 4.3
7. I like the animation 4.7
8. I like the sound effects used 4.8
9. Words are clear and audible 4.5
10. The font size/spacing is easy to read 4.7
11. It is easy to navigate around the game 3.8
Engagement, Motivation and Acceptability
1. I like to play KineSpell2 4.5
2. I enjoy playing KineSpell2 4.7
3. KineSpell2 helps me to study spelling 4.8
4. I like to recommend it to my teacher and friends 4.8
5. I move my body when I play KineSpell2 4.7
6. I am happy whenever I get a correct answer 4.8
1. I like adding my own words 4.3
2. I like my teacher adding words to my dictionary 4.2
3. I like my teacher to record the correct pronunciation of the words 4.3
4. I like editing my dictionary 4.7
5. I like my teacher editing my dictionary 4
6. I like my teacher guiding me through the dictionary manager 3.7
1. I like to see how well did I perform 4.5
2. Assessment helps me to see my improvement 4.7
3. Assessment is useful for me 4.7
1. I like to use SunSpot in playing the game 4.7
2. I like to use Wii Mote in playing the game 3.2
3. SunSpots are easy to use 4.7
4. WiiMote is easy to use 2.7
5. It is comfortable playing with SunSpot 4.7
6. It is comfortable playing with WiiMote 3
7. It is easier to play KineSpell2 with SunSpot 4.7
8. It is easier to play KineSpell2 with WiiMote 3
9. I prefer using SunSpot than WiiMote 4.7
10. I prefer using WiiMote than SunSpot 2.8
11. Other game controllers are better than SunSpots and WiiMote 3.3

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