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Test Plan Draft 1.1

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Objectives :

Determine the Usability and Motivation of a Tangible Augmented Reality Game in Learning the Human Digestive System.

Test Metrics/Criteria :

  • Usability (taken from the Usability Engineering book by Jakob Nielsen)
    • Learnability refers to how the player’s ability quickly learns how to use the AR game.
    • Efficiency refers to how productive the player gets while playing the game.
    • Memorability refers to how the players find the markers and instructions easy or difficult to remember.
    • Errors refers to faults and delay in gaming affects the players
  • Motivation (taken from the ARCS Model and initially proposed by MyMathVentures)
    • Attention – Did the tangible AR game grab the players’ attention in learning the human digestive system?
    • Relevance – Are the questions given from the game deemed relevant with that specific topic in Science?
    • Confidence – Do the players gain more knowledge and awareness of their own digestive system?
    • Satisfaction – Do the players enjoy playing the game? Will they be willing to play it again?

Test Methodology:

The testing will involve three phases – Familiarization, Game Proper, and Survey:

Familiarization – The player will then be asked to detect the markers and memorize the body parts associated with it. It will run for at most 5 mins or until the player gets all the familiarization procedure correct.

Game Proper – The player then plays the game. Each player needs to finish the game before proceeding to the last testing phase.

Survey – After finishing the game, the player then answers a set of survey questions. (5-10mins)

A maximum of 1 hour is given to each player to play the game.

Since the research will be dealing with the usability and motivation of the students, there will be no need to use pre-tests or post-tests. Also, a target of at least 20 grade 6 students will be needed for game testing. I decided to switch from grade 4 to grade 5-6 because they tackle the digestive system thoroughly in grades 5-6 (just before Highschool Entrance Exams(Grade 5)/after Highschool Entrance Exams (Grade 6)) . Hopefully, we can contact UPIS or Diliman Preparatory School for possible testing.


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February 15, 2010 at 8:39 am

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